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  • Water Treatment

  • KETS has established a reputable image for the water treatment plants, in local and regional markets, which encompasses the entire operation from buying the raw materials, through manufacturing and packaging to delivery and erection. A specific and important element of KETS is to uphold and champion product safety. As part of the company’s strategy to continuously improve product quality and customer focus, hygiene systems have been accredited to the standard and Code of Practice set. These, and other initiatives, clearly demonstrate that KETS is committed to not only maintaining but also advancing the package Water Treatment System reputation as a quality company. KETS potable water treatment plants are well known to provide clean drinking water as per World Health Organization (WHO) standards, to the following, villages, factories, industrial camps, hotels, universities and institutes, small towns, hospitals, army camps, as well as refugee camps.
    KETS Compact portable or water treatment unit, which can treat or purify surface raw water in rivers, lakes, dams, reservoirs, pools, canals etc. that have high turbidity are as follow:
    1. Aqua-Electric Water Treatment Plant
    2. Aqua-Diesel Water Treatment Plant
    3. Aqua-Solar Water Treatment Plant