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  • Alternative Source of Energy

  • The importance of promotion of bio energy for sustainable development, diversification of energy supply and preservation of the environment is well recognised by KETS management.
    Today, more than ever, consumers have the ability — and the interest — to invest in clean energy.
    Clean energy includes energy efficiency and clean energy supply options like highly efficient combined heat and power as well as renewable energy sources. By identifying, designing and implementing clean energy policy and technology solutions, we are delivering important environmental and economic benefits.
    Our Clean Energy Programs are working with state policy makers, electric and gas utilities, energy customers, and other key stakeholders. Biomass is already the fourth largest source of energy in the world. It is also considered one of the main renewable energy resources of the future due to its large potential, economic viability and various social and environmental benefits. It is estimated that by 2050 biomass could provide nearly 38% of the world’s direct fuel use and 17% of the world’s electricity. Biomass can be burnt directly or can also be converted into liquid fuels that power cars, engines including those in diesel generators, and even industrial operations. Methanol, ethanol, bio-fuel and biodiesel can all be created from biomass.