Kenana Engineering and Technical Services, ltd

"The Power of Knowledge"

  • Our Management

  • With Sudan emerging from stagnation on the oil revenues, the economy is to diversify away from oil and back to its routes in the agricultural sector; this gave Kenana Sugar Company’s (KSC) management a vision to harness the company’s deep knowledge in this sector by creating an engineering consultancy firm Kenana Engineering and Technical Services (KETS). KETS is to provide distinguished technical support for the agri-business sector in Sudan and abroad starting with a small team of five dedicated staff flourishing into a large firm with over 100 dedicated employees.
    Within a few years KETS became a progressive consultancy company adopting the best practices known in the industry providing quality services in Sudan and the region. Our success in becoming a leading consultant and project management firm in the region is derived from certain attributes:

    ·         We established a strong partnership with every project’s stakeholders, building a transparent, win/win business oriented relationship with clients, contractors, community, regulatory partners, and industry peers.

    ·         We know that our success is driven by harnessing the infinite supply of human intellect with our internal resources building an immense internal knowledge and providing innovative solutions effectively and efficiently for every aspect we are working in.

    ·         We take an integrated approach not only through serving the financial ex expectations of our partners, but we alsowork on reflecting projects’ sustainability covering the three elements: economic development, social welfare and environmental protection and enhancement.

    Looking at KETS today after all the success, intellect and knowledge built internally through the years we believe that we are in a better position to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations