Kenana Engineering and Technical Services, ltd

"The Power of Knowledge"

  • Business Development And Projects Appraisal

  • KETS Provide a complete set of technical and financial feasibility studies and implement strategies for continuous and effective improvements with innovative solutions. KETS offers introductions and opportunities via a network of worldwide contacts along with funding plans for our clients. KETS also provide comprehensive legal support together with the financial and administrative management studies. Marketing communications is also considered as one of the major supporting roles to the client as it provides promotional tools, manage events and conduct media campaigns to sustain the business growth for our clients.
    As part of the project appraisal KETS specialized financial analysts who work to generate financial models, planning, budgeting and funding plans for our clients. This includes using financial models to calculate expected revenues and costs as well as cost of debt and equity including calculations of all financial parameters and ratios such as internal rate of return (IRR) and net present value (NPV). When the analyst is weighing the choice of the debt and equity ratio, all aspects of the business are considered including default risk and the present value of tax shields to recommend the most financially lucrative ratio. The financial services department has planned and initiated a road show across the MENA region; part of a larger umbrella funding plan which KETS aims to fulfill to brings projects to reality.