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  • Water Treatment and Management

  • KETS has established a good image for the water treatment plants in local and regional markets, which encompasses the entire operation from procurement of plant raw materials, through manufacturing and packaging to delivery. A specific and important element of KETS is to uphold and develop product safety. As part of the company’s strategy to continuously improve product quality and customer focus, hygiene systems have been accredited to the standard and Code of Practice. These, and other initiatives, clearly demonstrate that KETS is committed not only maintaining but also advancing the package Water Treatment System reputation. KETS potable water treatment plants are well known to provide clean drinking water as per World Health Organization (WHO) standards to the villages, factories, industrial camps, hotels, universities, institutions, small towns, hospitals, army camps and refugee camps.
    KETS uses a variety of treatment processes to remove contaminants from water. These individual processes may be arranged in a “treatment train” (a series of processes applied in sequence). The most commonly used processes include filtration, flocculation, sedimentation and disinfections for surface water. Some treatment trains also include ion exchange and adsorption. Water utilities select a combination of treatment processes most appropriate to treat the contaminants found in the raw water used by the system.
    KETS represents a wide range of water treatment products, providing its customers with multiple sources to choose from. Thus, each customer can obtain the optimum water treatment system for its particular needs at the lowest possible cost.
    Aqua-Electric Water Treatment Plants are normal conventional water treatment plants where both the low lifting and high lifting pumps run on electricity. Electricity could be from the power grid or from a generator that suffixes to drive the electric motors of the water treatment plant and its chemical dosing pumps smoothly.
    Aqua-Diesel is a conventional water treatment plant in which case the low lifting pumps or the high lifting pumps are diesel driven, e.g. Lister pumps.
    The diesel pumps are suitable when the power grid is far away from the plant or where there is interrupted power supply or prolonged cuts in the electricity supply. Therefore, the Aqua-Diesel water treatment plant is considered to be efficient because of its independent pumps and for its easy maintenance. The only major requirement is diesel, oil and some spare parts, which are available in the market.
    The third type of water treatment plant known as a silent, calm plant which depends on solar energy pump. Solar systems begin with the solar modules. Modules gather solar energy in the form of sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity. The more sunlight they receive, the more electricity they produce. Solar modules are the heart of the system.