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  • Green Energy Initative South Sudan

    The project constitutes of
    1. Melut Ethanol and Power Plant (MEPP)
    2. Melut Biodiesel Plant (MBP)
    The Project Is located 50 km North of Malakal in the Upper Nile State, 600
    km South of Khartoum
    Gross Area: 45,000 Feddans
    Area of Sugarcane: 30,460- 35,460 feddans
    Area of Jatropha: 5,000-10,000 feddans
    Main Water Supply: White Nile River

    1- Melute Ethanol and Power Plant (MEPP)
    • Cane milling with a crushing capacity of 6,500 tonnes cane per day.
    • To produce: 400,000 liter of Ethanol per day
    • Produce the total of = 24.8 MW from steam turbines
    2- Melute Biodiesel Plant (MBP)
    • 1 ton of nuts = 70kg refined petroleum = 40kg gasoil leger (I.e. light fuel
    • oil)
    • Crop production: 6-8MT/ha
    • Fuel production: 2,100-2,800l/ha
    • Energy equivalent: 19,800-26,400kw/ha

    KETS was assigned to conduct a preliminary study for the area of South Sudan,
    the findings proved the efficiency of producing green energy.
    KETS have presented the presentation and now it is being considered by the
    government of the south as to be a feasible project for execution.