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  • Kenana Sugar Company Ethanol Project

    Kenana Sugar Company Ethanol Plant is Located in Kenana, White Nile State
    – Sudan. The project consultant team from KETS made comprehensive revision
    for all project stakeholders’ status and preparing an execution plan to
    complete the project successfully on time.

    • To produce 60,000,000 Liter/year

    • Review material procurement status and prepare a plan to ensure the best
    delivery of all purchased items and documentation to meet the site con
    struction priority;
    • Arrange with Kenana purchasing department to mitigate, easy and direct
    custom clearance delivery for all materials and equipments at Port Sudan;
    • Arrange with Kenana logistic department for transportation for materials
    and equipments from Port Sudan to the site;
    • Supervise and handle all construction activities up to completion of the

    KETS completed the project documents, implementation and maintenance
    for the plant. The project has been launched in June 2009 successfully and
    now operating at its full production capacity.