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  • Kenana Red Sea Terminal Project

    The Kenana Red Sea Terminal is to be constructed at Port Sudan green area (latitude 19 - 39
    and longitude 13 - 37) with a total area of 125,000 m⊃2;.
    The project will serve the sugar refinery with total capacity of one million ton/year.
    The project is owned and developed by Kenana Sugar Company, Ltd.

    • Raw sugar warehouses with storage capacity of (100,000 ton);
    • Refine sugar warehouses with storage capacity of (40,000 ton);
    • 6 silos for crops with storage capacity of 90,000 tons;
    • Administrative offices with services and utilities.

    • Design refinery and utilities locations according to topography, land characteristics, logis
    tics and transportation;
    • Basic infrastructure required and how it can be avail;
    • Identify the availability of the related facilities in terms of engineering, labor, staffing;
    • Identify sugar quality and provide market forecasts;
    • Project the financial returns;
    • Examine the sensitivity of the project regarding different variables such as sugar price,
    capital and operation cost;
    • Illustrate the SWOT analysis of the project;
    • Estimate the implementation time scale.

    The conceptual design is under process and almost completed.
    KETS finalized the land agreement with Sea Port Corporation (SPC).