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  • Abu Naama Project

    The project lies down on the western side of the Blue Nile river about 70
    kilometer south of Singa the capital town of Sinnar state with a total area of
    30,242 feddans .The project was established in the seventies of the last century
    intended for jute bags production, The project major problem was the
    improper land leveling and the irrigation system shortcomings. Therefore
    the new owners who formed a company for food production intend to start
    with growing field crops and move to sugar cane production in the near future
    .They have officially approached KSC & KETS asking them to assist with
    land leveling and irrigation system rectification.

    • To solve successfully the land leveling problem in 6000 (expandable to
    9,500) feddans of the client project of a total area of 35,000 feddans;
    • Topave way for future assignment for land leveling contracts and EPM con
    tract when the project is transferred into a sugar production scheme after
    two years;

    • Evaluation of the existing condition of canals and structures;
    • Accurate determination of work volume needed for rehabilitation, mainte
    nance or demolition of structures and replacement;
    • Calculation of the bill of quantities;
    • Document preparation for canals and structures designs document;
    • Preparation of bidding documents;
    • Supervision of rehabilitation works which will be carried out by a third

    All rehabitation work counter maps have been achieved and submitted to
    the client and is currently being reviewed for final approval.