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  • El-Rahad Project

    Al Rahad Agricultural Project is located east of Sudan in El-Gadarif state; it is
    an irrigated project that runs through a pumping station erected at “Maina”.
    The project was part of a campaign launched by the Sudanese government
    in the early 1970s aimed to achieve self-reliance and self sufficiency.
    El Rahad Project is part of a long-term agro-industrial strategy to capitalize
    on Sudan’s comparative advantage in large irrigated agro-industrial schemes,
    involving cash crops for both domestic and international consumption.

    • It will occupy an area of 200,000 feddan;
    • The project is assumed to reach its full capacity in its second year of opera
    tion to manufacture a mass total of:
    • 80,000 tons of sunflower
    • 180,000 tons of peanuts
    • 75,000 tons of sorghum
    • The project is expected to have a capital cost of $ 98.3m.

    • Develop the strategic plan and market study for the project;
    • Determine the project’s technical and financial viability to produce the
    • Conduct a detailed financial analysis of the project.

    A complete financial assessment, funding plan and market study have been
    made and submitted; they also included the land design and agricultural
    practices in the area.