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  • KENANA Red Sea Refinery

    The Refinery is to be constructed at Port Sudan green area (latitude 19 - 39
    and longitude 13 - 37). The project of an estimated area of 42,000 m2, will
    share Kenana Red Sea Terminal in a complex of 125,000 m2.

    • To refine a total of 500,000 tons per year expandable to 1000,000 tons per
    year to target the European and the international market along with capac
    ity of 8 MW.
    • Water desalination unit with a capacity of 2000 m3.

    • Develop the strategic plan of the project;
    • Determine the project’s technical viability to produce white sugar;
    • Prepare the engineering Design for the various projects components;
    • Manage the implementation of the Project;
    • The pre implementation activities;
    • The Company Formation.

    KETS completed the preparation of the feasibility study documents as well
    as the conceptual design documents. The technical study was completed to
    meet the requirements of the European market.
    KETS initiated a partnership between KSC and European Sugar producers
    who signed the shareholders agreement within the first Quarter of 2011. It
    also participated in the corporation of the refinery company and the off take
    agreement and long-term supply agreement.
    KETS has been appointed to engineer and manage the project and do the
    preliminary site assessment.