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  • Redais Sugar Project

    The Project site lies in the White Nile State on the west bank of White Nile
    River, 50km south of Kosti and 350 km south of Khartoum.

    • Developing and preparing a total land area of 150,000 feddans for growing
    of sugarcane, building of factory, utilities, roads, pump house, canals &
    • Establishing an irrigation system to irrigate an agricultural area of 105,000
    Feddans to produce 4,545,000 tons of sugarcane;
    • Building a sugar plant with a crushing capacity of 26,000 tons of cane per
    day to produce 500,000 ton of raw sugar per year;
    • Building a power generation plant with a capacity of 105 MW to supply the
    factory and to export the surplus to the national grid.

    • Develop the strategic plan of the project.
    • Determine the project’s technical and financial viability to produce raw
    • Prepare the conceptual design for the various projects components.
    • Manage the implementation of the Project.
    • The Company Formation.

    In 2010 KETS prepared the technical documentation of the project. Accordingly,
    the site selection process has been established based on the viable
    outcomes to come up with a new site location.
    In November 2010 the initial land agreement has been signed with the
    White Nile State.
    Subsequently, KETS will manage the pre-implementation processes to reach
    a mutual agreement to manage the Project.