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  • Gafa Sugar project

    The project area is estimated at 137, 000 Feddans, bordered to the east by the El Gezira
    and El-Managil scheme and to the west by Khartoum Rabak highway. The expected Capital
    investment is 990 M USD.

    • 370 thousand tons of white plantation sugar of 80 – 135 ICUMSA per annum when farm
    and factory operate at full capacity;
    • 200,000 L of ethanol per day produced on two lines;
    • Power generation to satisfy the project needs and sell an average excess of 130 mega
    watts to the national grid.

    • Develop the strategic plan of the project;
    • Determine the project’s technical and financial viability to produce sugar and other crops;
    • Manage the pre-implementation actvities of the Project and develop the Master plan.

    In 2008 KETS originated the first mortar of Gafa Sugar Project by developing the project high
    level assessment which was integrated with the governmental strategies.
    Subsequently, KETS commenced with the project Pre-Investment activities that included
    the land and the canals suitability tests, the site archeological clearance, developing the
    project Master plan and guaranteeing the water license agreement which was the longest
    activity during the project pre-investment phase.
    In January 2009, the client visited Sudan to revise the financial proposal and to sign the land
    lease agreement with the White Nile State which was signed in January 2011. Alongside
    with the pre-investment activities KETS submitted the EPM proposal.
    During 2010 KETS and the Client studied the possibility of revising the project financial parameters
    to successfully raise the equity and dept portions of the project totaled to 990 M